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Colton Dane

Luxury Women's fashion with a spirit of modern romanticism 

Creative Direction   |   Fashion Design


In 2013, I founded an eponymous luxury women’s fashion label, Colton Dane, where I led design, development, production, and sales teams. My label quickly garnered a large celebrity following and my collections have been worn by Jessica Alba, Kim Kardashian, Kaley Cuoco, and Julie Bowen among many others. My collections have been featured in prominent publications such as Vanity Fair, US Weekly, and People Magazine.

Colton Dane is distinguished by its outstanding craftsmanship, artisanal detailing, and timeless style. Rooted in elegance, refinement, and luxury, the collections are designed with a spirit of modern romanticism, poetic drama, fantasy, and the embodiment of sensuality.

Spring/Summer 17 Concepts

Fall/Winter 16 Concepts

Fall/Winter 16

Spring/Summer 17

Spring/Summer 16

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